Chief's Message

As the Chief of Police I wish to say thanks for choosing Syracuse for your place to live, work or visit. There are so many wonderful family oriented things to do in our community from little league to parks to the lake. With all that there is to do, it is our hope that it is done safely.


We, at the police department are committed to:

*Make the prevention of crime and disorder our primary objective.

*Maintain the public trust and cooperation by utilizing policing based on community participation, sharing and understanding.

*Maintaining integrity and professionalism by adhering to the highest standards of ethics.

*Provide a high quality of police service based on openness in communications, unity of purpose, and positive problem solving through teamwork and continuing improvement.


Our department is actively involved in the community and with its citizens. We are an active partner with Ivy Tech College of Warsaw Criminal Justice Program, we are involved every year with United Way Day of Caring, as well as our schools, festivals and events.

If there is ever anything we can do for you do not hesitate to call upon us day or night.


James M. Layne, Chief