Tree Planting Day 4-21-18 (14)

Laudeman Family Park is an approximately 6.5 acre lot at the end of Wildwood Drive in Wawasee Heights.  Laudeman Family Park was previously owned by the Syracuse-Wawasee Rotary Club and was purchased in 2014 by the Laudeman Family who then donated the property to the Syracuse-Wawasee Park Foundation and the Town of Syracuse.

in 2019 the Syracuse Parks Department with input from Laudeman Family Park neighbors and the community developed a Master Plan for the Park.  Implementation of the Master Plan began in 2020 with the planting of wildflowers and prairie plant around the perimeter of the Park.  Future development plans include planting of Memorial Trees, benches along the walking path and pond, and a pavilion/gazebo with picnic tables.

laudeman park